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This site is your best choice if you want to realise your dreams and manifest your deepest desires. Using the New Age phenomenon of Cosmic Ordering, you can own that expensive watch you always wanted, go on a luxury holiday to the Mediterranean or get anything you desire. You just need to follow the guidance within the book called the Cosmic Ordering Guide and Cosmic Ordering You can be successful both written by Stephen Richards.
"Gratitude is the best  attitude"

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Cosmic Ordering Healing Oracle Cards (Limited Edition)
Best selling Cosmic Ordering author Stephen Richards has been working hard to perfect these cards over the last number of months, compiling a colourful and well illustrated deck of pocketsize cards and a step by step guide 67 page booklet to accompany the cards.

With clarity and compassion, best selling "Cosmic Ordering" author Stephen Richards has developed these alternative, energized Cosmic Ordering healing cards. After spending many years making intimate contact with the Cosmos, these spiritual tools of healing have been created to give out a vibrational energy field of a healing nature.

The different vibrational rate of colours will interact with your physical and spiritual existence at all levels. This Cosmic healing can take place through the effect that the vibration of colour has on the vibration of your body. Even the blind can sense the different colours. This can be used alongside conventional medicine. With a 60 page, easy to follow guidebook, you will easily understand accurate readings.
A word from the author:

"When current stocks of this product dries up I have requested that they not be continued. I have become quite protective of them and feel that they are pulling illness and other related things from people and sending them off into the Universe. I do not want these cards abused in such a way. In fact I nearly pulled them from being launched, as I feel they are quite special, perhaps too special."
Cosmic Ordering: Oracle Wish Cards
Do you live to work or work to live? Do you have wishes you long to have come true? Dream no longer ... make your wishes become reality with the help of these Cosmic Ordering: Oracle Wish Cards and 60-page booklet by Stephen Richards and Karen W Smith where the mystical secrets of the Cosmos are revealed.

Best selling Cosmic Ordering author Stephen Richards has teamed up with inspirational Cosmic Ordering speaker and author Karen Whitelaw Smith to create this beautifully illustrated and enthralling Cosmic Ordering oracle deck of 44 pocketsize cards. Each card features a message that will help you receive answers about your Cosmic Order: your family, finances, truth, love life, dreams, wishes, career, health, and more. With a 60 page, easy to follow guidebook you will easily understand accurate readings about yourself and others and the exact meaning of each card's message.
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Title: Cosmic Ordering Healing Oracle Cards Publisher: Mirage Publishing
Author: Stephen Richards
Pamphlet & Card Set Cover: Paperback
ISBN 13: 978-1902578293
ISBN 10: 1902578295
Price: £11.99
Publication date: 5 Nov 2007
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Title: Cosmic Ordering Wish Cards
Authors: Stephen Richards & Karen Whitelaw Smith
Publisher: Mirage Publishing
Pamphlet & Card Set Cover: Paperback
ISBN: 1902578279
RRP: £11.99
Release date: 07.07.07
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