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Stephen Richards only offered these sessions to celebrities worldwide over, but is  now offering One 2 One private life changing sessions to general clients.

Whatever your situation, you are not alone!

Are you stuck in a groove, do you want to get out of it and start all over again? Well now you can ... with a One 2 One session with Stephen Richards. Read More

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The book was relevant to the course content and was exclusively created for those attending the course. However, I have now changed the course content in a radical way that now addresses more in-depth requirements ... making the Cosmic Ordering Experience book a one off book to be proud to possess. The book remains the property of Mirage Publishing, but hey, don’t go sending it back ... it’s yours and on permanent loan to you for your reference. This is just to stop it being sold on for vast amounts of money. Read More





This site is your best choice if you want to realise your dreams and manifest your deepest desires. Using the New Age phenomenon of Cosmic Ordering, you can own that expensive watch you always wanted, go on a luxury holiday to the Mediterranean or get anything you desire. You just need to follow the guidance within the book called the Cosmic Ordering Guide and Cosmic Ordering You can be successful both written by Stephen Richards.

"Gratitude is the best  attitude"

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Inspire Me: Unlock Your Inner Happiness 
(Audio CD)

Track Titles:
1.     Brand New Day
2.     Message From My Heart
3.     Let Me Feel Love Again
4.     Fulfil My Wish
5.     Childhood Dreams
6.     Give Me Strength

This is an empowering audio collaboration of positivity between Stephen Richards and vocalist LisaTenzin-Dolma. The Inspire Me: Unlock Your Inner Happiness (audio CD) is a powerful creation that will power you up and restore the feel good and happiness factor back into your life. Play it anytime and anyplace ... and just be you.

Narration: Stephen Richards
Vocals: Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

1 Brand New Day
This track is all about how, when you are in a seemingly bad day, all what you can think about is ‘tomorrow’. Maybe you feel let down and unloved, but by focusing on clearing your energy centres of all the bad that the day has put into them and getting a good rest it is going to give you the lift you need. The narration and lyrics on this track take you to another world where all is well, the darkest night is now a bright day ... and now everything is bright and breezy and you feel strong and loved once more. It all stems from opening your heart, and then that is when you can make your dreams come true. Instilled in your mind is how your hopes are not just for you, but also for all of those others in need of inner strength. That is how strong you can become, from being on the edge of your dream to being in the epicentre of all what you desire.

2 Message From My Heart
This is such a powerful piece, its smooth warmth reaches deep within your very soul. Listen to your heart. Shhhhhhhhhh ... can you hear it? It’s got a message for you; it’s welcoming you asking you to listen. Can you feel it, it’s beating, it’s beating, it’s beating inside of you with so much intensity.... The message your heart has breaks through all of the clouds of chaos within you to greet you, it is welcoming you home. Since your birth it’s been beating within you with a passion so strong, but have you been listening to its message of hope? It tells of the forces of nature that are there for you ... for you right from the beginning of time. Slumbering within you is a source of power so strong and now it can reveal, in quiet contentment, the beguiling spirit that rises within you. This resounding track will lift you, quite simply, into a world of your own ... and that feeling will linger on.

3 Let Me Feel Love Again
Have you ever been in love? Of course you have! Do you want that feeling of jumping, dancing, laughing and singing to be as strong as it once was? Well here it is! We have a slight shift in tempo. This is delivered in an extraordinarily smooth and delicate weave of lyrics and narration which sees a crescendo of uplifting music to carry the score to a height of ecstasy. Everyone at certain times needs to be topped up with love; just like you need food for your body you need love for your heart. Without that feeling of love you can end up feeling worried, lost, and even angry. This track is sure to put the smile back on your face.

4 Fulfil My Wish
Awwwwww, it is as if the very angels of delight have descended upon you ... a very dreamy piece and be prepared for a special kind of magic to be weaved around you. This will help you find the strength to get you through your day. This sublimely opens your heart for the greater good of your Higher Self. When you listen to this you will begin to understand why the rich unspoilt beauty of this track is not only music for your ears but also food for your soul.  Just take a few minutes to enjoy the track and your spirits will begin to revive … then to soar!

5 Childhood Dreams

Now is the time to recharge and to savour a little luxury. Imagine cool mountain air breezing gently by, allowing yourself to be enveloped by the good old days of fairgrounds and candyfloss. Rainbows and lollipops ... remember them? Remember how good it felt to be so free of encumbering thoughts that now pull you down to the depths of despondency. This is your time, so make it special. With this track you will step out of the ordinary and into something special. They say you cannot go back and change your childhood, well ... with this track can you certainly change the outcome of your future.

6 Give Me Strength
This is such a powerfully uplifting track, and through this you will become stronger. It starts in the depths of a lost soul, seeking out to be heard and by the end of the track your fortitude will become up to one hundredfold more than what it is now. Every single track on this audio CD have been painstakingly selected to move you on and upwards ... toward positivity. Certainly, this is a most awe-inspiring track! You will not only be lifted, you will be carried on the wings of love, back into the positive zone of your life, to the heights of positivity.... This is such a resounding score that sees both Stephen and Lisa give their all in giving you the strength you need to make those all important changes in your life.

Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

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         the Beauty of Nature for DBP

Lisa is an expert on the psychological relationship between astrology and the individual. As if that were not enough to keep Lisa busy, Lisa also penned a screenplay, and over 500 magazine articles on a wide variety of subjects, and is involved with the US film industry as Special Consultant to films, and is an Ambassador for the The Goodwill Treaty. Practicing and teaching astrology and tarot, Lisa also designs clothes and jewellery and is also a talented illustrator.

Lisa is also a much sought after canine psychologist, founder of the global Dog Issues Advice Line. She is a full member of The Association of INTO Dogs, an organisation of trainers and behaviourists who use only positive and respectful methods in their work with dogs. You can find out more about Lisa at:

LISA TENZIN-DOLMA is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and has a most philanthropic nature when it comes to the many causes she freely gives her time and expertise to. Lisa’s singing career first began in Singapore when she was only 13 years of age, appearing in a series of television shows. Lisa spent a number of years during her childhood and teens living in England, Malta, Scotland, Malaysia, and Singapore. This eclectic geographical mix sparked a deep ongoing interest in exploring the myths, philosophies and spiritual paths of various cultures, and shaped the course of her life and work.

Now living in the south west of England with the youngest of her five children and her rescue dogs, Lisa, now Dr Lisa Tenzin-Dolma (PhD in Philosophy in Humanities), spends her time on her journalistic and writing careers (author of many successful meditation, herbalism, Eastern philosophy and vast range of mind-body-spirit self-help books and creator of a series of mandalas and tarot cards), specialising in holistic lifestyles, spiritual matters and the natural/ecological issues. Some of Lisa’s books and other related creations include:

$tephen Richards

$TEPHEN RICHARDS, also known as The Golden Pen, is an international bestselling author of over 60 titles and his many successful self-help books have been translated into foreign languages. Personally, Stephen has helped over 250,000 wishing to change their lives.

Prior to 1995, Stephen was penniless until he started using mind power and has applied the principles to help others turn their lives around.

As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and stress counsellor, Stephen went on to become a member of the British Association of Counsellors and was affiliated to their Family Sexual Division, Disaster Team and Stress Counselling for Students Division.

Stephen now applies his time to self-help publications, running his property development empire, and helping others.

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