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Stephen Richards only offered these sessions to celebrities worldwide over, but is  now offering One 2 One private life changing sessions to general clients.

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The book was relevant to the course content and was exclusively created for those attending the course. However, I have now changed the course content in a radical way that now addresses more in-depth requirements ... making the Cosmic Ordering Experience book a one off book to be proud to possess. The book remains the property of Mirage Publishing, but hey, don’t go sending it back ... it’s yours and on permanent loan to you for your reference. This is just to stop it being sold on for vast amounts of money. Read More





This site is your best choice if you want to realise your dreams and manifest your deepest desires. Using the New Age phenomenon of Cosmic Ordering, you can own that expensive watch you always wanted, go on a luxury holiday to the Mediterranean or get anything you desire. You just need to follow the guidance within the book called the Cosmic Ordering Guide and Cosmic Ordering You can be successful both written by Stephen Richards.

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Q from Valerie (3)
Dear Steve r
I already have had some success with ordering from the Cosmos (after reading a newspaper article about Noel Edmonds). About mid May this year, my dear brother in Canada was diagnosed with lung cancer (and also a small cancerous nodule on his liver). My brother was due to start chemotherapy on 28 July. I had already asked the Cosmos if my brother could have at least another 5 - if not 7 years of life. I was also very nervous about his going on chemotherapy as I felt that this might weaken his immune system and - although I am not medically trained -I just didn't feel it was the right time or the right medication.

On the evening of Saturday 29 July - I was out walking my little dog and I my heart felt like it was breaking. I sent up a heartfelt hope to the Cosmos regarding my brother. I couldn't even put into words what I had asked for exactly but I remember feeling a sensation - not a 'ping' but a tingling kind of sensation whilst I was in communication with the Cosmos.

When I got back home, I telephoned my brother's wife to find out how he'd got on with the first chemotherapy session the day before. She told me that he hadn't been started on the chemotherapy and passed me to my brother. Apparently, he'd had some tests done on the Friday morning and was informed that the tumour had got smaller! As he told me that - I got this tingling sensation again - and, also, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I really felt that I had been heard.
I am going to put in another order but this time it will be for myself. I have been terribly bullied at work and have been sent on paid leave while the company 'investigates' my allegations. I've been off work for 3 weeks now but really don't want to go back into that awful atmosphere.

I probably won't be able to get any compensation - even if I did have the strength to take it to an industrial tribunal.
I really need to work but my job prospects are grim. While I'm out walking my dog this evening, I am going to contact the Cosmos again as I think I get the best results when I am out of the house - where I am in such turmoil from keep worrying about it all - and into the fresh air. I'll let you know what happens. However, if you have any tips on my fast tracking this one then I would be most grateful?

Valerie - Hi
I am so sad to hear of the bullying at work. The very people that bullied you are in need of help, they are spiritually broken people that need repaired.

I don't know what time you go out walking your dog, as if it's late and too dark it might be bit daunting for you.
This is how you can make a connection that can be fast tracked. If you can't get out in the dark with the dog then stay safe and go out in your garden or balcony or wherever you can be outside. Make sure you are away from heavy electrical items like electricity sub-stations, pylons, etc.

Look up in the sky, hopefully you will see some stars. Gaze at the stars, let yourself drift in your mind until you find a star that is your star, you will know it when you see it as it will let you know. I know it sounds daft, but the star will acknowledge you, you will see.

Stay connected to that star and make it known what you want to have changed within your life, always use positives: "These bullies are human beings, they started out as nice people but lost their way from what inner strength they had, give them more strength of mind than they already have, as appropriate, and allow them to see even more clearly that they are good people."

You can add your other pieces to it, but always remain positive. You have given yourself a negative by saying: "I probably won't be able to get any compensation - even if I did have the strength to take it to an industrial tribunal."
Valerie, you know you have made a negative assertion there, and thereby will make that negative happen.

You WILL become more positive, you ARE a positive minded person, only positive thoughts now in your mind.

I, too, will ask Cosmos for help for you, but in a different way than you think, I will charge a star in the sky with positive thoughts, and ask that as you sleep tonight that these positive thoughts connect to you, all sounds barmy, I know, but it is a way of sending positive energy to those loved ones we cannot get to.

Q from Davey
Hi Stephen,
Can positive thinking alone manifest what I want?
Davey - Hi,
I would be hypocritical if I answered "no", so I will say "yes." A very powerful thinker can produce results, but that is only the half of it. Now just imagine, you are a powerful thinker, and on top of that, the icing on the cake, imagine if you can also communicate your desires to the cosmos, now that really is the other half of it.

Q from Claudine,
Hello Stephen,
I have no problem with relaxing and opening the third eye, but don’t know at which part of the Cosmic Connection CD I would put in my requests or if indeed I have to. You say that you do it all for me on the CD, so what do you actually ask for?
Claudine - Hi,
Within the CD I have added many things that you are not aware of, I do not want to shroud it all in mystery, but it is too technical to go into detail here. However, I do wish you to know that you have already placed your Orders via your subconscious, which I spoke to when you listened to the CD. Yes, I know you are not aware of it, but that is what happened.

Should you wish to place an Order then you will know the right time and place on the CD, as after listening to it for some time you will go into sync with it, that is how simple it is. I could overly complicate it by talking about false negatives, etc, but that would only cause you to wonder what I am on about, and you do not need to worry about such technical detail.
Order and be happy. I do not ask for anything on the CD, it is your subconscious mind that is in a theta state that does all the asking, be assured of that, Claudine.

Q from Debra,
Hi Stephen,
I have read your book which I thoroughly enjoyed and have just bought your CD and have listened a couple of times but I'm so worried about the amount of debt that I am in that I can't seem to completely relax and I don't think I am making a connection. I have asked the Cosmos to increase my business or to point me towards a way out of my situation. I am finding it difficult to be positive when I am on my own as all I am doing is worrying about my debt, when I am with friends and family I come across as a positive happy helpful person which is the true me but when I'm alone all I'm doing is thinking about my problem and I am just wondering if you could give me some guidance. Sorry if this reads a little jumbled but I hope you understand what I mean!
Debra - Hi,
You have to make a decision, keep worrying about money and by doing so you hamper your own positivity, or you have to admit that your finances are in a mess and things can only get better.

I noticed that you are true to yourself when you are on your own, but then you put a facade over your problem when you are with others. The odd thing is, all these people probably sense that you are masking something, as they will have their sixth sense activated by your guardedness. So why not come out with it and admit that you are working on improving your situation? This in itself is an affirmation that works to settle you down, then you can concentrate on Ordering from the cosmos.

In the state of mind you are in, I have to advise that you should stop Ordering, first you have to look in to yourself.
Yes, just as you say in your email that you might have sounded a little jumbled, then so will it be of your Order/s, they will be jumbled too. Tainted with your deep-seated negativity. Although I can relate to this, as I too was once very poor.
My guidance on this is not something I take lightly, but after deep consideration I feel it best that you come clean about your financial situation to those around you. Then you can truly concentrate on starting from scratch. The decision is yours, have a think?

Q from Vanessa,
Dear Stephen,
I have now been using your CD for about 1 month (at least twice a week). I wanted to ask, how long before I can expect to see my manifestations coming to fruition. I know that's like asking how long's a piece of string, but it would be really helpful to hear in general how long before people start seeing changes taking place. I got the feeling from reading your book that your manifestations happened quite rapidly?
Vanessa - Hi,
I don’t know what deep-seated negative feelings are within you, if any? Firstly, Vanessa, look into yourself. Did you honestly feel that the Order was a possibility? If so, how did you think it would come about happening?

You see, Vanessa, your first step to securing the rewards of your desires is to become at peace with yourself, have an inner belief in your abilities to secure what you desire. I do not know fully the circumstances of your life, so it would be so difficult for me to analyse your situation. For instance, you might not be working, you might be on low income, you might have a steady job but a mountain of debt, or you could even be sitting on a pile of cash but not wanting to spend it.
After cleansing your charkas of negativity that is where you must start. I would advise that you stop using the audio-CD and use a good chakra clearing kit.

Once you have cleared any deep-seated negativity then I would advise that you go back to using the CD, as it would seem that all what you are doing is putting a veneer of ‘feel good’ over what is beneath. So yes, listening to the CD will make you feel good during and immediately afterwards … but not for the whole nine yards.

Q from Gloria
Hi Stephen,
Bought your book a week ago and enjoyed every minute reading it, even though I am not into reading a great deal. Please, if you have the time, could you tell me if there is any way of knowing that when placing an order you are doing it correctly, without waiting out the time span stipulated. I am a bit impatient and hate wasting time?

How often can one place an order, is it ok to place more than one order at the same time?

I have heard that you must not reorder, because it as if you do not trust cosmos to deliver, is this true?
Gloria - Hi,
Firstly, I am really delighted that you have gained something from the book ... thank you.

Right, you do not need to keep asking for the same thing, the cosmos has heard you, but how can you be sure, you ask? A good question, indeed. I mean, what if we thought we got through, placed our order and waited and waited for it to manifest when, in fact, the cosmos never heard our request?

I understand your impatience, as I, too, went through that phase. In some cases even a day of waiting was too long. I wonder, though, is there that little bit of doubt within you that makes you feel unworthy of what it is you asked for? Only you can ask yourself this question, and answer it truthfully.

Gloria, yes, you can ask for as many things as you want, and all at once. But, again, you must have 100 per cent belief in what you ask for, not even a nth per cent of doubt, or you will falter in what you desire.

Also, something I did not have space to go into in my book, the time for what you want has to be right. There is only one way to find this out, and that is from your subconscious mind, which is halfway between the conscious thinking mind and the unconscious mind. Something, perhaps, that is a little advanced for you, for now.

How do you know you are doing it correctly? Believe me, Gloria, when you make a clean connection you will certainly know, you can feel it. If you are trying too hard then loosen up a little, perhaps you are too tense with expectation.
I would advise that you consider getting a hold of my Cosmic Ordering Connection audio-CD, as I take all the strain out making that connection for you.
Q & A
Stephen Richards says:

"I want to help make you wealthy in ALL ways.
I do not apologise for that, I do not hold my head down in shame
at wanting you to have the riches within the Universe.
I do not expect you to, either."