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Stephen Richards only offered these sessions to celebrities worldwide over, but is  now offering One 2 One private life changing sessions to general clients.

Whatever your situation, you are not alone!

Are you stuck in a groove, do you want to get out of it and start all over again? Well now you can ... with a One 2 One session with Stephen Richards. Read More

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The book was relevant to the course content and was exclusively created for those attending the course. However, I have now changed the course content in a radical way that now addresses more in-depth requirements ... making the Cosmic Ordering Experience book a one off book to be proud to possess. The book remains the property of Mirage Publishing, but hey, don’t go sending it back ... it’s yours and on permanent loan to you for your reference. This is just to stop it being sold on for vast amounts of money. Read More





This site is your best choice if you want to realise your dreams and manifest your deepest desires. Using the New Age phenomenon of Cosmic Ordering, you can own that expensive watch you always wanted, go on a luxury holiday to the Mediterranean or get anything you desire. You just need to follow the guidance within the book called the Cosmic Ordering Guide and Cosmic Ordering You can be successful both written by Stephen Richards.

"Gratitude is the best  attitude"

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The following testimonies, apart from the author's below, have not been solicited and are genuine. The original testimonies are in safe possession. All email addresses relating to these will not be passed on to any third party, be assured of that. For legal reasons, these testimonies are kept on file along with original addresses and names of senders and will only be disclosed if demanded by a court of law in England.
Hi Stephen,
I am an artist, I have a lovely moment I wanted to share with you. I painted a portrait of the Dalai Lama of Tibet and he visited London recently. I hoped he would sign it but friends, etc said it would be very difficult to meet him. I asked the Universe and trusted it would happen if in Divine order.

I waited outside the Royal Albert Hall where he gave a talk. He came out and was rushed into a car. But his assistant saw me with my painting and ran over to me and said if I go to his hotel he will definitely sign it. He was staying at the Hilton, Park Lane!
So I ran over there and waited in the foyer for him. Sure enough he came in and signed my painting! And even posed for a photo with me, he was so kind and so friendly, it was a magical moment.
Paul (Bournemouth, England)

Dear Mr. Richards,
I am writing to thank you for your fantastic book Cosmic Ordering Guide and to let you know how Cosmic Ordering has helped me.

I purchased your book back in June of last year a week after the disappearance of one of my beloved cats, a tortoiseshell female, 13 years old. I read the book from cover to cover and placed a couple of orders for the safe return of my cat but nothing happened for the first few days. On the start of the third week after she had gone I wrote out my order to the Cosmos in my diary, again asking for her safe return and tried to put it to the back of my mind as instructed. Three days later I received a phone call from a gentleman on the other side of our village ~ 2 miles away to say he believed the cat was in his garden. Not really expecting to find her I rushed to his house only to see the tip of a tail disappearing into the undergrowth. I called her and was delighted to see her come back into sight, meowing and very skinny. I am happy to say that she is now very well fed and contented back home.

I have since read your book again and have placed two more orders with the Cosmos. The Cosmos has already assisted with one of these, to find something that helps me to feel more fulfilled which has come about by way of a creative writing course. The other I requested for next year so I am waiting to see if it happens.

I have passed your book to my partner to read and although he is a slower reader he has also been singing your praises. I am hoping he will place his own cosmic orders soon.

Thank you again for your book and your assistance in the safe return of my cat.
Kind regards
Sharon Fuller
Thank you for your book and for your newsletters. I feel myself moving in and out of different brain states, I guess you would call it, when I am reading what you write. That sure is interesting.

I have done a lot of different types of meditating but I found something very interesting happening after doing as you recommended and I wondered if you experienced the same. I was totally taken off guard by this experience and wondered if it were just a coincidence because your meditation is so "nuts and bolts"; "unpretentious" would be a good word and because it focuses on the third eye.

I didn't feel much happening during the meditation, no swooshing or popping, but, what happened was that after meditating as you suggest I found my heart opening like I couldn't believe.

This has never even come close to happening with any other type of meditation! I felt my heart opening like the sun coming up in the sky! I was overwhelmed by the beauty of everything. For days! This Christmas season I would look at Christmas lights and listen to music and be completely blown away. I thought to myself, this feels like the first time I have ever seen or heard ANY of this, although I have been experiencing Christmas for quite a few years!

I was in a state of such awe and gratitude! It would wash over me in waves and all I could do was cry! Not that it was sad, not at all, it was bliss! And I felt like THIS is it!!

Its not having the "stuff" its having this FEELING! If I never had anything but had this feeling that would be all I would want. The "stuff" is great, cool, and I want it but I believe that what we are really looking for is that feeling.